Lead Validation

True Lead
& CRM Data Integrity

Lead Validation

Data Analysis

Lead Validation

& Seamless Processing

True Lead & CRM Data Integrity
Real-Time Data Analysis
Secure & Seamless Processing

About Us

Let's Verify is a lead validation platform created to help you verify the accuracy of your lead data and maximize the success of your marketing programs.

What We Verify

We validate leads by verifying name, title, phone number, email, company size, industry, and geographic location, helping you to build a more efficient sales pipeline. Data can either be provided directly to us or we can integrate to pull the data from your CRM or MAP. Let’s Verify integrates with Marketo, Salesforce, and all major CRM or MAP providers.

What We
Filter Out

We identify and reject invalid leads that do not match your required custom filters, remove dummy leads that have incorrect data components, and eliminate any duplicate leads.

A Better Way
to Validate Leads

Let’s Verify is the premier lead verification platform for the identification and validation of lead data at the point of entry.

Verifying Leads Based
on Trusted Sources

Let’s Verify ensures only the most accurate leads for your use, all the while minimizing cost per lead and maximizing ROI.

Verify Your Leads at Point-of-Entry

Let's Verify process enables real-time lead and contact verification and deduplication.

Sample Verification:
Image of a laptop
Lead List
Data Analysis
Validated Leads

Let’s Verify
is Designed for:

CPL Programs:

Content syndication, webinar promotions, free trials, and more

Lead Capture Campaigns:

Any landing page point-of-entry validation

The Benefits of Proper Lead Verification


email and domain reputation,
and keep subscriber lists up to date


SQL rate and ROI


sales pipeline and improve sales productivity


data, import or export verified lead lists


lead quality score and lead contact rate


cost per sales-qualified lead


more accurate lead data

Our Reviews

“The team at INFUSE is top notch and is very easy to work with. The quality of leads that come through in terms of job title and company description was always spot on. Whenever there was any data quality issue that may have come up, the INFUSE team were always quick to get it resolved or send supplemental leads if needed.”
Kevin Hwang
Kevin Hwang
Company: People.ai
“The quality of the leads (email, name, title) is much higher than other providers I have used. In addition, the staff at the company is quick to respond and works with me to make edits to contracts and content in a timely manner.”
Jessica Teague
Jessica Teague
Company: Skupos
“Working with the INFUSE team is incredibly easy and seamless. They are responsive, professional, and timely. They deliver excellent quality leads and have never missed a deadline. Their SOW process is easy, and we can add it to our account at any time. I've never worked with a content syndication vendor that delivered such high quality leads.”
Jessica Maffetore
Jessica Maffetore
Company: Secure Code Warrior
“The leads that we received from INFUSE were of great quality; they effortlessly stayed within our constraints for persona and firmographics and delivered the leads to us in a very timely manner. Additionally, the INFUSE team was a pleasure to work with, both courteous and highly responsive. The CPL nature of the program also guaranteed us predictable results for lead volume and efficiency.”
Cody Nguyen
Cody Nguyen
Company: Mixpanel