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Let’s Verify at a Glance

Is a lead validation platform. Let’s Verify allows you to quickly identify, validate, and improve your lead quality at point-of-entry. Our lead verification platform sifts out the invalid leads, and delivers to you only the most qualified results, all while minimizing your cost per sales-qualified lead (CPSQL). We help marketers filter out leads with questionable data so you can pass onto sales only the most accurate records maximizing ROI and building sales to marketing love. We verify all of the leads generated by your demand generation programs – you can upload CSV files or we can integrate with Salesforce or Marketo to automatically pull data in.

The result? Your CRM data integrity is preserved, you gain more qualified leads for your business,
and guarantee a stronger, more efficient sales team.

Sample Verification:

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Verify your leads at Point-of-Entry


Let’s Verify can function as a real-time platform that handles the strict verification of inbound form-fill leads. It is the central processing platform for all of the landing pages used in your lead capture process. We let you quickly identify, validate, and improve your lead quality at the point-of-entry. We enable deep lead and contact verification, de-duplication and CRM data integrity by:

  • Filtering out the leads that do not match your required filters such as company size requirements, industry targeting restrictions, etc.

  • Removing all duplicate leads.

  • Removing leads that have invalid data components.

  • Removing leads that do not conform to your custom filter requirements such as specific Geo requirements, title targeting, etc.

  • Building your own rules-based post-submission verification protocols.
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Our platform is designed for:

• Any CPL program — content syndication, webinar promotions, or free trials.

• Any lead capture campaign – paid search campaign, any CPM or PPC campaign.

We’re committed to helping you secure the highest quality leads in order to minimize your cost per sales-qualified lead. With Let’s Verify, you can stop wasting valuable resources paying for leads that are not valid and instead, generate more accurate data and qualified, sales-ready leads.

Lead Lists

Lead List

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Validated Leads

Validated Leads

Strict Lead Verification
in Real-Time

  • Instantly verify the identify, email address, phone number, geographic location, contact details, mailing addresses, and other lead details.
  • Market smarter with prioritized lead lists based on your own rules-based verification protocols.
  • Get insights about new or existing leads at any time.
  • Process your data, import or export your verified lead lists with our reliable and easy-to-use platform.
  • Trust us, your sales team will thank you.

Our platform features Let’s Verify Instant, instant, real-time deep lead validation, and Let’s Verify Human, in-depth custom contact action and lead verification. The combination of these two services guarantees sales-ready leads, and verification of the actions taken by your leads.

Let’s Verify Instant

Lead validity verification

Instant, Real-Time Contact Validation

  • Email and Phone Number validity verification
  • De-duplication of lead data, never pay for the same lead twice
  • Verify against physical address requirments such as zip code or state
  • Verify against specific campaign filters

Let’s Verify Human

Leads live phone verification

Live Phone Verification

  • Our representatives personally call your leads to verify their identities and the action taken on your content syndication partners’ sites.


Verify the identity, geographic location, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of your leads. Keep your email subscriber lists accurate and updated, segment your leads, all while eliminating marketing spend on weak or invalid lead sources.

Increased revenue

Increase of revenue

Cost saving CPL programs

Cost savings with CPL programs

Improved lead quality

Improves lead quality

Reduced cost per lead

Reduction in Cost per Lead, Cost per SQL, and Marketing Cost per Sales

Increased SQL rates

Increase in SQL rate

Accelerated sales pipeline

Accelerates the sales pipeline and improves sales productivity

Improved lead contact

Improves lead contact

Preserving email and domain reputation

Preserves email and domain reputation

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